the Blue Verbena Story

I started mindfully crafting and developing my own skin care and household products when my husband developed epilepsy in 2016. When we weren’t in hospitals or doctors offices, I used crafting self-care products in my home as part of my relaxation and getaway. Through this experience I have gained an appreciation from Mother Nature’s gifts. The soaps, lotions, and potions I have created have been effective in managing my skin and seasonal allergies and I believe they bring a greater sense of wellbeing in my family and home.

I am very blessed to have found like-minded people who have lent support and guidance to help create this simple line of products. I want to share these with you so that *YOU* can reclaim your *ME TIME*. Our approach is to uncover Mother Nature’s power and simplicity and share it with YOU.

My hope is that you will enjoy using our products, as much as I have loved every moment in making them for you, in our eccentric little kitchen.

Founder and Creator of Blue Verbena

About Our Ingredients

We carefully sourced our raw ingredients and if possible, locally.

We care for the animals and never test on them. We formulate and package our products with the environment in mind. We never use any chemicals that maybe harmful for human, animals or environment.